I took a month away from writing emails and engaging with social media.

As the heat and humidity slowly crept up in Dubai, I wasn't looking forward to spending even more time indoors avoiding it.

Since I moved to Dubai I've always chosen to live near bodies of water, preferably with a balcony overlooking the sea.

I've always felt calmer when I'm near the sea, which I assumed was because it reminds me of home.

It turns out there's more to it than that.

Blue spaces like oceans, lakes, and rivers have a deeply therapeutic effect on all of us, they're important for our mental and emotional health.

Even pools and spas help.

That's why I decided to travel back to the UK, to get out in the countryside and walk by rivers or along beaches in the fresh air.

Here are some views from the green and blue spaces I've been exploring recently.

My green and blue spaces.!

Walking in places like this is often how I discover and refine ideas.

Although pressure produces a good Espresso, when it comes to thinking I prefer percolation.

I like to let ideas slowly filter through my brain.

Something I've been reflecting on is how much we all need connection now.

Yes, you can connect with people on Zoom or Instagram, but I don't think it's enough.

When the world is full of uncertainty and fear you have to connect with something deeper.

You have to know where you belong in all of this.

Finding your place in the world is about more than the job you do or the friends you surround yourself with.

It's about recognising what has gone before you and what will come after you.

I think one of the best ways to do that is by experiencing nature.

D. H. Lawrence wrote:

He sat for long hours among the cypress trees of Tuscany. And never had any trees seemed so like ghosts, like soft, strange, pregnant presences. He lay and watched tall cypresses breathing and communicating, faintly moving and as it were walking in the small wind. And his soul seemed to leave him and to go far away, far back, perhaps, to where life was all different and time passed otherwise than time passes now. As in clairvoyance he perceived it: that our life is only a fragment of the shell of life. That there has been and will be life, human life such as we do not begin to conceive. Much that is life has passed away from men, leaving us all mere bits. In the dark, mindful silence and inflection of the cypress trees, lost races, lost language, lost human ways of feeling and of knowing. Men have known as we can no more know, have felt as we can no more feel. Great life-realities gone into the darkness. But the cypresses commemorate."

If you have access to green spaces and blue spaces, make sure you get out there and enjoy them.